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Real metal fan from 1982. - journalist, musician, graphic designer etc. - editor-in-chief, webmaster, designer and owner of Butcherian Vibe, magazine with attitude, and also Vilajet magazine (R.I.P) - singer of death metal band Mortuary (1990-1994)(R.I.P) - host of the radio show Hard Side which has been on the air when he quitted TV shows Metal Maniac 1994-1995 and Restaurant At The End Of The Universum 1996-1997, from 07.11.1998-02.11.2002. and this has been a re-play of the show, which has been dating from 1997. - owner of Butcher Sound, a totally independent label (back then the only one in my country for extreme music) and it had 10 releases. Two were sold to Austrian label CCP-records (Introitus, BM in Swedish new wave, and Diluvium, gothic metal. Commercials and reviews were in almost all European mags and they were available in the whole Europe and the world through their large distribution). - Mortuary (Of Souls) was my band, the first serious extreme band in my country started in 1990. and it was quitted in 1994. Four released tapes and the well known act used to play with lots of bands in times when Yugoslavia was one piece. In 2003, Active Time Records re-released whole material as Mortuary - Epitaph: 1990-1993 CD & Cass. - Spent good amount of time in band Vilajet and also have an old school HC project called Dismissed. Also I'm borrowing my voice for some commercials and some bands. - As I'm professional graphic designer, I did lots of works through the years. 9 years spent in Svetlost, weekly political magazine dating from 1935. - Also a professional journalist and member of IJAS (Independent Journalists Association Of Serbia)Association of Journalist